Bad Tag

tag cable label

Today we have been changing out Tie-on labels on some data and electrical cabling installations. Most of the Tie-on cable labels I have come across have been made in the UK and have been sold as a cost effective solution for bundles of data and electrical cables.
Why asked by our customer to replace them as they had not performed as said when they purchased them from the UK cable label supplier.
The main problem was:-
“UV and water resistant label”
They had only been installed in 2014 after been printed on the A4 sheets with a laser printer, so off we went to swap them all out.
The first thing we noticed was most of them had gone brittle and the cable tie had broken away, at first we checked if this could be too tight, but the label just fell apart in our hands.
We had already made the new engraved labels to Tie-on, the bad part was if the customer did not know which cables went around the building all the text had come off, so we had the new engraved labels made with the same data as 2014 and these will last longer that the bad tie-on labels.
We have some new tie on cable labels later this year, we have the product on test outside our office in Florida, and so these will be good tie-on labels and supplied on US letter size not the old A4 size that faded out.