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Cable Labels: Self-Laminating, Wrap Around Cable Labels

Cable labels are not all the same and all that glitter is not gold. Cable labels are installation tested every month by our own cabling engineers, ask your labelling supplier when was the last time they installed any labels on-site and we know what answer you will get.

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Tech Cable Labels


Quality-driven wire marking products designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. To make the most technician-friendly and easy-to-use wrap-around markers for cabling engineers. To understand every technician’s requirement and offer one on one support. Made for most wire labelling and Cat6 network labelling, these new wire markers are the best.

Understanding cable labels and have many years of experience in the cable labelling required across the world in many projects from structured cabling and network labelling cabling systems to the top-rated cruise ships, trains, and NASA.

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High-quality, crystal clear print that is easy to read and will run through Laser printers without jamming or wasted labels. Made thinner, more flexible, and have upgraded adhesive for superb performance and greater adhesion in both normal and harsher environments.

Designed for printing on a Laser printer, the top third of the wire marking products being the print area. The bottom two-thirds of our wrap-around markers are clear polyester which over-laminates the printed part once applied.

Top Cable Labels

Laser printable wire markers are ideal for multi-purpose cable labelling projects that can benefit from self-laminating labels. They are manufactured using a clear polyester film with an ink receptive print area. The film is coated with a permanent, UV-resistant, pressure-sensitive adhesive. The products are backed with a two-sided, poly coated and printable, lay flat release liner. The film is approved for indoor/outdoor use with occasional exposure to oil and water.