We make and distribute the most quality driven cable labels designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. To make the most technician friendly and easy to use cable labels for cabling engineers. To understand every technician’s requirement and offer one on one support.

    The tech Cable labels brand is a new design of data communications labels, these labels are designed by data communications Techs for the data communications market.

    We make and distribute the most quality driven cable labels designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world.

    Over the last 25 years, we have used and watched cabling engineers number and label all types of data communications cable and equipment, we have worked in this field and used many cable labels around the world on millions of miles (km) of data cables.

    At tech cable labels we decided to put this to good use by designing the best and most cost-effective labels for the cabling technicians. All our staff has at some time been locked in the rack or data communications room just labeling cables hour after hour.

    Tech cable labels

    We know what the technicians need to complete the job and we have now included all these into one group of labels which is designed for cabling technicians by technicians with the goal of making life inside that closet more acceptable.

    We promise to make your working life better and offer that one on one contact to our staff speaking tech to tech, not the sales department or a manufacturer who just makes labels, we use and install all our products, we are Tech Cable Labels.

    cable label materials

    Tech Cable Labels enjoys strong and close working relationships with our distributor. We have found them to be hardworking technician driven companies with great customer service.

    If are interested in becoming a distributor and work in the data and telecom market we would like to discuss the possible distribution of our solutions.

    Since we started our Cable Labels website we have made the best cable labels for use by structured cabling and Network Technicians. The best part is we use these labels every day on cable labeling jobs around the world, so you know these are not just sold as label products like many sites on the web, but these are used by our own cabling staff.


    Best Cable Labels

    Best cable Labels in the UK

    How do we know this?, we are growing in the UK in so many areas and the one word that makes our new customers switch from the old school cable labelling companies is quality, price, and service.

    Yes, we are USA based company, but British through and through with many years of installations projects in the UK.

    After many years of working all around the world on some of the biggest projects, we know what works and what does not, yes the old school labelling companies sit behind their desks having never worked one day on-site in the life of their old companies.

    Well FREE cable labels and FREE software, with no strings attached, try that with the old school suppliers in the UK.


    LSL 77

    Better than our competitors and better quality.


    TCL-49 New Cable Labels

    Tech Cable Labels TCL-49 per Sheet

    Cable Labels (49 Labels per Sheet) These new Cable Labels have a new design, gone is the straight edge that never starts right, our design patent labels give the installer a nice point to start the label ensuring a straight application every time.

    This along with the two tail makes the cable label even stronger and in tests, it outperformed other labels. Our Tech Cable Labels Laser printable Labels are new Technical designed labels ideal for multipurpose labeling projects that can benefit from self-laminating labels.

    Suitable for all standard office laser printers. Cat 5, Cat 6, USB, Thin VGA, CCTV Applications, RJ6, RJ11 Ideal for Cat 5/6/7 and 10G

    W 25.40mm x H 33.78mm x Print Area W 25.40mm x 13.00mm MID Max to 10.00mm edge - Max cable size 8mm

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    Please note:  Each TCL 49 sheet contains 49 Labels. 10 sheets you will net 490 labels, 20 sheets = 980, etc.

    Price per pack:£21.99