Cable labels Better than our competitors and better quality.

A bold statement, yes but we / I have used all the cable labels made in the UK and they get stuck in your printer or are washed out.

Our labels are tested around the world and let’s just say we have a few points on how great our labels are, many years ago we dumped our UK supplier dues to quality, yes they got stuck in the printers and the Tags only lasted a few weeks in the sun, when the yellow and red tag turned white, try it your self.

So enough about the very, very badly made labels, try ours and you switch in no time at all. We already have lots of UK customers and even when they are shipped from the USA, still worth it for the quality.

cable labels
Best Cable Labels

Tech Cable labels

Most popular cable labels are used for:-

  • Server room cabling
  • Data center cabling
  • Security system wires
  • Electrical cabinet wires
  • Control panel wiring

Tech cable labels offer a variety of self-laminating labels, Tech Cable Labels is our own brand of labels for the structured cabling and communications cabling market, we have taken our electrical engineering and low voltage knowledge to design and manufacture the best performing and economical labels around today. 

Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective labeling solutions to the Data and Telecommunications Networking Industry across the world and to exceed every technician’s expectations for ease of use, quality through better design.

Our range is now growing for the structured cabling market with our new Patch Panel labels, fiber tags and data jack labels all made to the same high quality that you have come to expect. We send out free samples, just send your details and we send you some samples free to test.

Our Tech cable labels are:

  • Water-resistant and weather resistant
  • Solvent and abrasion-resistant
  • Durable, yet flexible
  • Machine printable or hand writeable
  • Available in many colors and additional sizes to suit any need

We produce a large selection of blank, laser printable self-laminating labels for your laser printer but can always customize to your needs. 

We know what the technicians need to complete the job and we have now included all these into one group of labels which is designed for cabling technicians by technicians with the goal of making life inside that closet more acceptable.

We promise to make your working life better and offer that one on one contact to our staff speaking tech to tech, not sales department or a manufacturer who just makes labels, we use and install all our products, we are Tech Cable Labels.

Tech Cable Labels enjoys strong and close working relationships with our distributor. We have found them to be hard-working technician-driven companies with an interest in customer service.

If are interested in becoming a distributor and work in the data and telecom market we would like to discuss the possible distribution of our solutions.

Since we started our Cable Labels website we have made the best cable labels for use by structured cabling and Network Technicians. The best part is we use these labels every day on cable labeling jobs around the world, so you know these are not just sold as label products like many sites on the web, but these are used by our own cabling staff.

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