Try our great new cable labels

Try our great new cable labels

Our great new Cable labels from Tech Cable Labels are now for sale in the UK and have a price of 25% less than our competitors and better quality. Over many years we have used some of the UK made cable labels and found them to be lacking in quality and the ability to stand the test of time.

We as techs have had to replace thousands of cable labels from the UK as the quality can not stand three things, Heat in the racks, outdoor conditions, and sun light. Some of the cable tags that are held on with pull ties change color in the sun. We had some tags yellow which is now white and the blue ones turn very light blue.

Better quality and better prices from Cable Labels UK

Cable labels UKHigh quality, crystal clear print that is easy to read and will run through Laser printers without jamming or wasted labels. They are thinner, more flexible and have upgraded adhesive for superb performance and greater adhesion in both normal and harsher environments.

Our FREE web based labelling software and templates give you the printing tools for FREE to printing our products.  Same day standard fixed price shipping from the USA and UK with FREE samples and tech support.

We understand cable labels and have many years experience of the cable labelling required across the world in many projects from normal structured and Network Labelling cabling systems to the top rated cruise ships, trains, and NASA.

The tech Cable labels brand is a new design of data communications labels, these labels are designed by data communications Techs for the data communications market.

We make and distribute the most quality driven cable labels designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world.

Over the last 25 years we have used and watched cabling engineers number and label all types of data communications cable and equipment, we have worked in this field and used many cable labels around the world on millions of miles (km) of data cables.

At tech cable labels we decided to put this to good use by designing the best and most cost effective labels for the cabling technicians. All our staff has at some time been locked in the rack or data communications room just labeling cables hour after hour.