We are cabling guys who now sell cable labels

We have for many years pulled cables and installed cable labels in:-

Scotland, Wales, and England with just about every place around the UK from Large London towers to the small 16th-century office. We covered Europe working in all the member states at one point or another.

Other places include Finland, Canada, all the Island in the Bahamas and the southern ones all the way down to Barbados.

From there we headed to Belize, Panama, Mexico and all the way up through and across the USA.

Sorry for the places we missed or forgot, but the point is how many other cable label companies have the world experience to say how their cable labels work, we do as we only sell what we have installed or use across the world.

Cable Labels UK provides you with the most cost-effective cable labelling products. Our FREE web-based software and templates give you the printing tools for FREE to printing your cable labels.  Same day standard fixed price shipping from the USA and UK with FREE samples and tech support. We give the best support for any wire labelling project from a few wire labels to a full structured cabling installation.

Tested by Cabling technicians and printed with our FREE web-based software www.printmycablelabels.com we are Cable labelling experts and only use the cable labels that work.