Why Is British Customer Service Bad?

Customer service is something Brits just don’t do.

US customers are six times more likely to have an outstanding experience than customers in the UK and that is why we have local customer service in the UK backed up with a great and strong USA based team who care’s about your business.

What it comes down to is an attitude. If I am requesting something that is out of stock or unavailable or whatever the case may be then that’s fine, I need to be told that. But it is the manner in which staff

Often the British are impolite, curt and make you feel like you are inconveniencing them, but now we can help with that as many times some of the UK call for support come to the USA and we get to talk and show the UK customers what is expected.

What does poor service look like? Since you are a customer, too, you know the specifics. Here are the top ten for your review:

  • Lack of manners
  • Rude discourteous behavior
  • Long waits on the phone
  • Long waits in line
  • Lack of knowledge of the product or policy
  • Lack of follow-through
  • Not resolving a complaint
  • Unresponsive technology or not knowing how to use it
  • Can’t get a hold of a real person
  • Unfulfilled promises, lies and other deceptions

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